Someone changed the rules!

This is a recent TED upload by a colleague of mine (we go back quite a long way) Eddie Obeng.  Eddie is a thinker and a simplifier and an energetic presenter.  This is about the turbulent world of today; someone has changed the rules while we were sleeping and hardly anyone has noticed.  Hello?  That is what we are saying too:  there is no return to business as usual.

In fact, if you look at what he is discussing (smart failure), we couldn’t agree more.  It requires what we call ‘fast proto-typing’; that is, doing quick proto-types, testing them out, tweaking them or starting again when they fail, and going until you have success…. but you continue testing BECAUSE things changes so quickly, you need to know when it no longer works and you need to renew the process, service, product.  This is why we need self-renewing organisations…

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