Podcast on Strategic Foresight

Our CEO, Patricia Lustig, was recently interviewed about developing strategy by Dawna Jones, author of Decision-making for Dummies.

In it they cover:

  • How to develop your foresight muscles,
  • How to scan emerging futures on a regular basis,
  • What happens when you combine emerging trends together,
  • What went wrong with the emergency response plan at the nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi and what other companies with emergency response plans can learn,
  • How to work with the unthinkable,
  • Why using foresight strategically gives you the side benefit of seeing patterns so critical for workplace health and decision making accuracy.

Read more at http://insighttoaction.libsyn.com/how-to-avoid-distorting-your-business-strategy-with-patricia-lustig#cbzf0dw00t6FTa62.99

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