Recent Articles & Papers

Here is a list of articles that have been published by the LASA team. Click to read the articles, and feel free to print them off for future reference. You are welcome to share them, but do please attribute them.


“What is a Leader to Do?” Huffington Post Great Work Cultures Blog, 19 December 2016.

“Five Steps to Develop Your “Foresight Muscles” and Plan for a Successful Future”, Huffington Post Great Work Cultures Blog, 31 October 2016.

“Robo-Boss: ‘You Have 20 Seconds to Comply’”, HR Director Magazine, March 2016, Issue 137 pp. 24-25, ISSN 17540224.

“Due Diligence for an Unsure Future”, HR Director Magazine blog, 21 December 2015.

“Executive Coaching Supports Organisational Renewal”, International Coaching News, 2nd Edition on Business Coaching, January 2013, pp 10-11, ISSN 2050-6724.

"Why Corporate New Year's Resolutions Don't Last", Chief Executive Officer feature article, February 18, 2011.

"The Art of Succession Planning", HR Director Magazine, April 2011.

"Community Building" Proceedings of the 2nd Green Economics Retreat and Well Being Conference 2008, ISBN 978-0-9554646-6-9

"Action Learning in ActionAid Nepal: a case study" Action Learning Research and Practice July 2009, ISSN 1476-7333

"Talent management needs to be future-proofed" Developing HR Strategy January 2009, ISSN 1745-9966

"Leadership in the public sector - the next decade" The International Journal of Leadership in the Public sector" February 2010, ISSN 1747-9886

"Open Space enhances Resurgence reader's weekend" IAF Europe Newsletter, September 2010

" The role of appreciative inquiry in meeting the challenges of the next decade" Review of Research and Social Intervention Vol. 30, pp 77-85, September 2010, ISSN 1583-3410 (print) and 1584-5397 (electronic). Roumania.