our mission

To help you make sense in uncertain times and manage corporate risk

We help you to reduce the risk to your business, explore emerging opportunities and gain the best advantages using a clear and simple approach. 

You know your business and the forces that could disrupt it; we help you widen your understanding of the risks and create a menu of choices to mitigate plausible risks - while helping you also look deeper into events that could create real challenges for your business.

Our approach leaves you totally in control and discourages any dependence on us, we act as catalysts to enhance your own enterprise risk management.

At the heart of our approach lie 4 deceptively simple questions:

  1. What external events could happen that would potentially impact the enterprise (positively or negatively)?
  2. How will you know it is happening?
  3. What are the choices you will have if it occurs?
  4. What can you do now to mitigate the impact?

In addressing these questions, we take you on a journey of discovery that helps you understand what you might have done differently with Hindsight, gives you deeper Insight into how you create and make choices in uncertain times, and hence the Foresight that will enhance your enterprise risk management systems.



"Thank you for the workshop – it was challenging and just what we needed. It has enabled us to save £4 million on inventory by implementing the solutions we agreed on."
Manufacturing Director, Telecommunications Industry
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