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NEW Blog on our forthcoming book: Megatrends and how to survive them

Authors: Patricia Lustig, LASA Insight Managing Director and SAMI Associate, and Gill Ringland, SAMI Emeritus Fellow and Director, Ethical Reading. “Megatrends and how to survive them: preparing for 2032” is the title of our book that is due to be … Continue reading

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Tales of the future

This is a book review of a Communities of the Future: tales from Suffolk in 2030 By Stephen and Joanne Aguilar-Millan It explores a series of related possible futures and in so doing gives you quite a good view of how futurists actually … Continue reading

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NEW BLOG on RSA Website

New blog is up – another one! Written by our CEO, on the RSA Website about the importance of foresight and conducting your due diligence on the future: https://www.thersa.org/discover/publications-and-articles/rsa-blogs/2016/01/use-your-foresight-muscles-to-plan-for-successfully-for-the-future/

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New blog for British Airways Business Life

  Our CEO has written a blog for British Airways Business Life on the benefits of strategic foresight.  See: http://businesslife.ba.com/News-and-Blogs/Business-Life-Blog/Patricia-Lustig.html We can all use some foresight to improve decision making.    

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