Strategic Foresight Author Patricia Lustig Believes Business Leaders Put Their Business Futures at Risk through Lack of Future Due Diligence

LONDON, England – (12 October, 2015) – Future-thinking authority Patricia Lustig has published one of the most practical guides to foresight and foresight tools available today, enabling business leaders to conduct the process of due diligence on the future of their organisations.  Written for leaders, Strategic Foresight: Learning from the Future delivers practical processes, tools and techniques that turn foresight theory into practice, empowering organisations to create “hindsight” visibility for informed decision making and strategic direction setting.

“I believe that leaders in private sector companies are putting their futures at risk by not possessing the confidence, skills nor methodologies to engage in the process of assessing more than a single possible future,” said Lustig, author and CEO of LASA. “Leaders are no longer safe in assuming a single future scenario, as the slow moving linear world many leaders grew up in is changing so quickly there is no single guaranteed path to take. Only by undertaking the process of future due diligence can they truly envision a range of future scenarios, and my book gives leaders the practical skills and methodologies they need to create the fullest picture of all possible futures.  Strategic Foresight won’t turn them into psychics or fortune tellers, but into leaders who can guide their organisation forward by understanding the challenges and opportunities they may face, not just the ones they already know about.”

Published by Triarchy Press and available now, Strategic Foresight, cites real-world examples of good and bad foresight.   These include the recent disruption caused to established businesses in the taxi and hotel industries by start-up technology companies Uber and AirBnB and the recent woes of Tesco and their failure to spot the shift from mega-stores to convenience shopping.  These are both examples of where changes in the market were visible through foresight rather than hindsight.

Strategic Foresight is based on over 35 years’ experience with clients and is written to help CEOs and members of the senior management team work together to develop robust and stress-tested business strategies that will enable them to thrive in the future.” said Lustig.

The book has received praise from leading executives across Europe.  Sir David Brown, Engineer and Industrialist said, “A common boardroom feeling is that never before have we needed ‘more hindsight sooner’. Couple that with the increasingly common feeling that the tried and tested approaches to strategy formulation are no longer enough. They still work – as far as they go – but they need to be supplemented with additional tools for looking ahead further than has become the norm, and with more intellectual rigour. This book shows us a way of doing that.”

Strategic Foresight covers:

  • Future Thinking: How we think about the future, ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • Preferred thinking styles and “baggage” and values that form our perceptions.
  • Models, tools and maps required for developing strategic foresight and how this can used to inform decision-making, uncover innovation and develop creativity for competitive advantage.
  • How to identify emerging trends, what impact they may have on business, the strategic importance of early recognition and how to apply the knowledge.
  • Harnessing strategic foresight as a springboard for innovation and creativity to take advantage of the future.
  • Practical methods for exploring potential futures.
  • Case studies throughout to allow readers to “think along” with the ideas.

More information about the book can be found at .

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About the Author

Patricia Lustig is a widely-recognised practitioner in strategic foresight and strategy development, future thinking and innovation.  She has held senior advisory positions and led teams at major blue-chip companies such as BP, Motorola and Logica.  She was Programme Director at Management Centre Europe working in the In-Company division and a Visiting Executive Fellow at Henley Business School and CIPD Faculty for Scenario Planning and Foresight.

Patricia is the author of a number of respected books and has recently run interactive Foresight sessions for London’s Business School’s Executive Education.  She is also the founder of international business consultancy LASA.

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